Cooperation with Inter Cars Company

01 Mar 2012
Cooperation with Inter Cars Company
In 2011 we have achieved the cooperation with Inter Cars company, the leader in spare parts distribution in Central and Easter Europe.

In 2011 we have achieved the cooperation with Inter Cars company, the leader in spare parts distribution in Central and Eastern Europe.

Inter Cars company is founded in Poland in 1990, since when they have been continuously developing their sales activities and distribution network, along with opening offices throughout Europe markets.

In order to ensure successful placement on the market, Inter Cars uses all segments of modern business and the most advanced solutions in logistics and warehousing of goods, prompt delivery, and shipment of ordered goods, during which processes electronic presentation of the sales range plays a major role. Inter Cars have recognized those segments a long time ago and released their first Online platform for goods ordering in 1998.

For further improvement of Inter Cars communication with their customers such as insurance companies and their associates, we have developed the application named IC_Calculator.

IC_Calculator is the application that turns the vehicle damage calculation containing OE numbers into the offer of adequate aftermarket replacement parts. For each recognized OE number, IC_Calculator displays all aftermarket parts that replace such OE part and are among Inter Cars offer. For appropriate aftermarket parts, there is information displayed such as price, availability, vehicle models in which such parts are built in, discounts and similar. After selecting appropriate aftermarket parts, users are provided with information on the savings achieved by selecting aftermarket parts and automatic order sending directly from the application.

After developing IC_Calculator application, we continue and advance our successful cooperation with new projects, we are currently developing the functionalities related to automatization of calculation damage optimizations that are going to be included in Q-Service application produced by Hungarian software company Indas we cooperate with on this project realization.

IC_Calculator application has automated "translation" of OE numbers into adequate aftermarket parts in Inter Cars web catalogue. Inter Cars offer is enriched with new and useful service that modernizes the daily work of their users, including the largest insurance companies that will use the application to save time and money during damage calculations issuing.