Odyssey is a designated data management tool that offers a single repository for all of your parts in portfolio including those that exist in TecDoc, as well those that are not in the TecDoc database.

  • Enhancement and standardisation of cataloguing data - names, cross references, vehicle application, fitting criteria, images, etc.
  • Responsive design and offers real time updates in Webshop catalogue after saving
  • Range of tools to self-manage data imports for new items, prices, images, etc.
  • Data standardization – naming, grouping, indexing
  • Administration of synonyms library to optimise user searches
  • Range of automated outputs to support client, TecDoc and E commerce platform needs
Odyssey forms the foundation for catalogue creation. It enables the client’s databases to be supplemented with TecDoc and Non TecDoc parts to manage the full portfolio. Data processing of parts, adding and editing information is very simple and intuitive. Adding new items, modifying existing ones, as well as importing user images and cross reference numbers can be done by importing Excel document, or directly in the application through a simple responsive interface.